New Visions' Script Gallery

A flexible, easy to use document merge tool that enables conditional creation of PDF, Shared Doc and email file attachment from spreadsheet or form data.

Reduce the complexity and speed up the performance of your Google Spreadsheets without losing the power of complex formulas!
Append form content to Google Documents as bulleted lists or tables. Optionally, pin a folder to existing Google Documents. Good for managing like-resources.
Doctopus is a helper app for managing and rubric scoring student work in Google Docs. Improved workflow for sharing, organizing, tracking, feedback.

Limit the number of responses, set a time limit, or evaluate a cell value to automatically stop accepting responses on a Google Form.
Accept and auto-organize Drive resources into folders using a Google Form.
Quickly automate targeted emails, text/voice messages and calendar appointments to loop in the right people around regular occurrences like behavior incidents, absences at attendance at after-school tutoring, etc. 
Populate the options in list, checkbox, and multiple choice Google Form questions by referencing any column in your Spreadsheet.
Automatically move form responses from the original response spreadsheet to a destination spreadsheet of your choice.
Administer and delegate management of domain group membership from a single spreadsheet.
Create, manage, and assess student Google Site web pages via a Google Spreadsheet.
Auto-email your Google Sites Announcement Page posts to any list of email addresses.
Push data from one spreadsheet to another on a time trigger.
Filter and push form or sheet data out to multiple Google Spreadsheets based on a unique "entity" (e.g. student name, teacher name, etc.) criterion
A utility to make it easier to count conditional, matching values in another Google Spreadsheet.