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"Automate your bureaucracy!"
The autoCrat Add-on for Google Sheets enables you to automate the creation of personalized documents and emails from the cloud. autoCrat is a multi-purpose document merge tool that allows you to take any row-based spreadsheet data and create, save, attach to email, and share templated documents.  Use <<Your own tags>> to build a template in a Google Doc or Spreadsheet, than let autoCrat mass-generate these docs, with tags and collaborators populated from data in your Sheet!

UPDATE:  Form triggers now available!  Turn them on under Advanced Settings.

  • Install autoCrat in a few clicks on any Google Sheet from the Sheets Add-ons gallery.  Once installed, you can launch autoCrat from any other Google spreadsheet in Drive -- allowing you to easily re-use your document templates across multiple merge jobs!

    1. Create your merge template as a Google Doc or Spreadsheet using any formatting you like, and set placeholder tags using a simple convention.  (Example: Dear <<First Name>>, ...)
    2. Match the fields from your Sheet to the tags in your doc.
    3. Choose from among the various merge settings (PDF or shared Google Doc) and build a customized email message to recipients using placeholder variables from your sheet.
    4. Preview your merge from the first data row before running on all records.


    • Merge any spreadsheet or Google Form data into personalized, templated Google Docs or PDFs.
    • Create your template file as a Google Document or Spreadsheet using <<merge tags>>.
    • Easy-to-use field-mapper takes the hassle out of setting up merges.
    • Organizes merged files into a collection of your choosing.
    • Dynamically names Docs, organizes links in your spreadsheet to improve your workflow when accessing Docs later.
    • Enables sending of PDFs as email attachments.
    • Allows for setting of conditions to only merge Doc if a value matches a criteria.
    • Share merged Docs with recipient(s) as view-only or as editor.
    • Include merge data in document header and footer.
    • Great for form letters, progress reports, personalized student assignments, equipment invoices, transcripts, etc.

    Have questions about how autoCrat handles student data? Check out this terms of use document.


    • Find the code for the autoCrat Add-on on GitHub (coming soon)

    USAGE PATTERNS (launched Spring 2014)


    • Merge report cards, student schedules, award certificates, etc.

    Join the autoCrat user's community

    If you have any questions about using autoCrat, or to share out successes you've had in using it, please join the autoCrat Users Google Plus community!


    Script Author Tim Cargan Explains autoCrat

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    Jared Carrano stepped up in October 2013 to assist high-school student author Tim Cargan in supporting the overwhelming demand by educators to ensure autoCrat remains a reliable merge utility for Google Docs.  Jared joined New Visions in 2012, originally as a resident researcher. He supports New Visions and its schools in building systems for data collection and analysis to inform strategic decision-making. 

      Globetrotting Tim Cargan is currently a high school senior at the UN International School in New York City, by way of the UK and the Singapore American School, where he was fortunate to get an introduction to Scratch, Visual Basic, and Java (AP Computer Science) as part of the school's emphasis on computation.  Tim's passion for programming runs deep, and he claims he's learned the most about coding from the "interwebs," where he's constantly reading Stack Overflow threads and product documentation articles.  When he's not coding, Tim is a full-time student, a competitive swimmer, and a teenager.  His work for New Visions for Public Schools is 100% volunteer!