Because these tools are scripts, they can only be installed by making a copy of the Google Sheet that contains the code.  
Get started by clicking "Make a Copy".

Great for auto-organizing and managing ownership of student or teacher artifact submissions, formFolio can function like a dropbox, allowing users to add or copy Drive resources via form to folders they otherwise cannot access. Read a tutorial and use case.

A script for administering and delegating management of domain group membership, Grouper is great for allowing teachers or departments to manage their own group rosters. Grouper detects all existing groups on your domain and allows you select up to 30 for management in a spreadsheet, assign "list managers" for each group, and add, remove, and change the role of members in each group.  Watch a video tutorial

Filter and push form or sheet data out to multiple Google Spreadsheets based on a unique "entity" criterion (e.g. student name, teacher name, etc).  It also allows the user to pull data entered into those entity sheets back into the master sheet that originally fed the entity sheets.   Watch a video tutorial