Help your school go Google! Google Apps for Education is a package of cloud-based products that can provide your school with a whole new way to work together online—not just using email and chat, but over video conferences, real-time document collaborations, and more! The core GAFE suite is described in detail on their Education products page.

As a best practice, we believe that each school should assign a Domain Admin to serve as the point person in managing their schools’ Google Apps domain.  Luckily, Google makes this role extremely easy for anyone taking on this role.  In this role, you are responsible for initial setup and configuration of your school’s Google domain. For new users, we HIGHLY recommend you go through this Google Apps for Administrators training, a modular course designed to give users hands-on experience in administering a test domain. 

As a school looking to go Google, we know that this process can be a bit daunting. To help make it easier, we’ve provided you with some resources below to facilitate the transition at your school. See below for each step in the process, along with some corresponding resources, to help you become an expert Domain Admin for your school. 


This slide deck has been created to highlight the advantages of getting Google Apps for Education set up in your school. See below for a list of steps and associated resources designed to make your school's transition to Google a bit easier. 

Step 1: Sign up for Google Apps for Education
New Visions recommends you purchase your school’s domain, if needed, through Google. They will walk you through the process, while also confirming your status as an educational institution and assisting you in the setup of Mx (email) records.

Step 2: Configure domain settings for your school

Once your domain has been purchased, access your admin console and go through the above audit to optionally configure your admin-level settings to New Visions recommendations. Please note the separate tabs for elementary vs. middle/high school settings.

Step 3: Set up student accounts

Using a popular New Visions-created Add-On. 

Step 4: Purchase and configure Chromebooks (optional)

See below for New Visions-created resources targeting NYC public schools. Also, check out our awesome Chromebook Inventory tool!

Step 5: School wide device rollout (coming soon)

Learn more about New Visions' recommendations surrounding device rollout in your school.

Step 6: Domain Maintenance

Use the inactiveUser inventory and openSesame Add-Ons to easily scan for inactive users and reset student passwords.