Teachers should have access to the best tools for managing the day to day workflow of collecting, distributing, and assessing student work.  We have created many building blocks to support you in transitioning to a digital platform in your classroom and in your school. This section will guide you through different ways that you can use this site to help you as well as introduce you to the process of creating a paperless workflow for you and your students. 

We define workflow as the process taken to complete a specific task.  With many tasks to be completed as a teacher, below are resources that will assist you in your workflow. 

Google Apps Introduction
We use the Google Apps for Education platform to build all of our tools because it is free and easy to use.
These resources will introduce you to using this platform.


Google Classroom

Google Classroom has served as an amazing starting point allowing teachers to easily distribute and collect student assignments.  
The resources below feature initial set up support for using this app with your students.  


Easily Attach Rubrics

Goobric has come to rescue teachers from the dreaded task of using rubrics to assess student work and give in-depth feedback for improvement and revision.  This interactive rubric can be forever attached to student assignments minimizing risk of loss and enhancing the revision process.
https://youtu.be/yqrLvpNTNHo     Doctopus

Digitize Assignment Differentiation

Many classroom teachers spend most of the day chasing after paper from their students.  Whether it’s differentiating the distribution and assessment of assignments, or collecting assignments and storing student data, Doctopus has come to serve as a virtual assistant to help you “Revolutionize Your Workflow!”

Capture and Send Student Feedback

Use the docAppender Add-On to create a system which allows you to easily submit a Google Form that attaches submissions to specific student docs based on the student name.  This can be helpful if you are giving students feedback while they are presenting or having students give each other feedback.  

Create Student Progress Reports

The Autocrat Add-On will allow you to easily create merged documents that will merge items into individual documents based on what has been inserted from a spreadsheet cell.  You can imagine having student name and scores get easily merged into individual documents for progress report creation.

Manage Student Portfolios

Longing to create student portfolios but unsure how to manage it? Use siteMaestro to easily manage and support digital portfolios for all of your students.

Create Formative Assessments

 Use Google Forms to quickly receive formative student feedback.

Get yourself prepared to roll out technology with your students. 

Student Account Roll Out

 The attached Lesson plan will give details for a roll out strategy for introducing student accounts to your students.  Included, is a slide deck that can be modified and used directly with your class.   

Device Management 

 Where will you house your devices? What will be your process for distribution and collection of student devices? This slide deck will walk you through options for device management in the classroom as well as help you develop your own system that works for you. 

Connecting Mobile Devices

 Do your students have devices at home? While students may not have laptop devices at home, many have their own cell phone devices which can be used to connect easily with their GAFE accounts.  This one pager will show students how to connect their mobile device to their account.  

One of the main benefits of moving your workload to a digital platform for your own development is the ability to continuously learn and grow in your craft 24/7.  This section will house resources to support you in your continued growth.

Become a Connected Educator
 Learn the initial steps needed to create your online personal learning network where you can easily connect with like minded educators to continuously learn how technology is impacting education.

Take an Online Course

 There are many different webinars, courses and in person sessions that can help you to continuously grow in your craft. The New Visions P-Credit Courses attached below offer a great start to this journey.