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DEPRECATED:  This tool can no longer be installed from the OLD Google Script Gallery.  If you would still like to use the old version of autoCrat, please make a copy of this (old) Google Sheet with autoCrat pre-installed.  

If you would like to try the autoCrat Add-on for the NEW sheets, click here.

The autoCrat script enables you to automate the creation of personalized documents and emails from the cloud. The script is a multi-purpose document merge tool that allows you to take any personalized, row-based spreadsheet data and create, save, attach to email, and share templated documents. The user first creates a template Google Doc. autoCrat can then populate the template document with data from a Google Spreadsheet.


  • Merge any spreadsheet or Google Form data into personalized, templated Google Docs or PDFs.
  • Create your template file as a Google Document or Spreadsheet using <<merge tags>>.
  • Easy-to-use field-mapper takes the hassle out of setting up merges.
  • Organizes merged files into a collection of your choosing.
  • Dynamically names Docs, organizes links in your spreadsheet to improve your workflow when accessing Docs later.
  • Enables sending of PDFs as email attachments.
  • Allows for setting of conditions to only merge Doc if a value matches a criteria.
  • Share merged Docs with recipient(s) as view-only or as editor.
  • Include merge data in document header and footer.
  • Great for form letters, progress reports, personalized student assignments, equipment invoices, transcripts, etc.


  • Generate meeting agendas via a Google Form. Users enter meeting location, date/time, attendees, purpose of meeting, etc. through the form. Upon form submission, each meeting attendee is emailed a link to the meeting agenda in Google Docs.

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Using the formula copy down feature - available on both autoCrat and formMule


Introduction to autoCrat